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14 Quick and Slick Portfolio Templates (via ThemeForest)


Having an online portfolio is pretty much a no-brainer these days. But all too often it's the old story of the cobbler's children who have no shoes - or in our case the designer who has no time for their own portfolio. Whether it's because there's too much work on, or because you can't settle on a design, or because you're somewhere in the middle of building the "perfect" portfolio, sometimes you just need to get something together, and fast.

If that's the case, you'll be interested to see the fourteen neat portfolio templates listed below - some for WordPress, some just HTML - that with a pinch of customization, and filled with your own work will have you up and running in no time.

So I should point out that in case you hadn't noticed with all this Web Design Week stuff - that ThemeForest is owned by Psdtuts+, or Psdtuts+ is owned by ThemeForest ... whichever ... so yes this is Collis cross-marketing shamelessly!

Excellent Portfolio Articles to Read

Before we get to the templates, you might also like to check out these great articles about portfolios (that by a weird coincidence are all written by Psdtuts+ staff):

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WordPress Portfolio Themes

WordPress is not a bad option for a portfolio, because it means keeping it up to date won't be such a chore. If you're used to the interface you'll know how easy it is, and if you're not, check out this Getting Started with WordPress article. There's also lots of web hosts that provide 1-click installs of WordPress - check out WordPress's list (that way the affiliate payments go to the open source project).

So here are some of the best ThemeForest WordPress portfolios, they all go for about $25.

Folio Theme

A mixture of blog and portfolio, showcases your most recent work, includes five colour variants.

View a Demo and Purchase via ThemeForest

Sleek Slide Portfolio

Some seriously nice AJAX sliding effects, featured projects, blog posts, four variants

View a Demo and Purchase via ThemeForest

Your Folio

Big featured project with AJAX slider, five colour variants, pulls in Flickr feed and blog posts

View a Demo and Purchase via ThemeForest


Slideshow, multiple galleries, lightboxed images

View a Demo and Purchase via ThemeForest

Briefcase Theme

A mixture of blog and portfolio, showcases your most recent work, includes five colour variants.

View a Demo and Purchase via ThemeForest


HTML Portfolio Templates

If straight HTML templates are more your thing ...

Design Portfolio

A simple Javascript-y portfolio theme that slides out to reveal more info on a project.

View a Demo and Purchase via ThemeForest


A simple, neat and tidy place to present your work.

View a Demo and Purchase via ThemeForest

Premium Photography Template

A neat jQuery photography portfolio

View a Demo and Purchase via ThemeForest

Your Portfolio

Clean, grid based design with a Javascript contact form slider.

View a Demo and Purchase via ThemeForest

Easy Portfolio

Simplicity at it's best, javascript slider combined with a nice clean, white layout.

View a Demo and Purchase via ThemeForest

Grunge Design Company

A lot more personality than some of the other templates, but if you like grungy design ...

View a Demo and Purchase via ThemeForest

Scrolling Portfolio Template

A nice blank work holder that scrolls across with jQuery.

View a Demo and Purchase via ThemeForest

Vintage Theme

A very full featured template married with a sweet layout!

View a Demo and Purchase via ThemeForest

Creative Portfolio

Awesome template that mixes in a bit of style and colour, from uber-author Joefrey

View a Demo and Purchase via ThemeForest


Part of Web Design Week

This week our sister site ThemeForest launched a whole new category of items to sell that are particularly relevant to Psdtuts+ readers - namely Photoshop Templates. The new category means you can now design and sell Photoshop designs, as well as regular Web Templates and WordPress themes to earn a side or even full income. And on the flip side if you're coming up short on inspiration, you can get a kickstart by grabbing a PSD design from ThemeForest. So to give the new category the launch it deserves, all this week I'll be bringing you articles and tutorials on web design as part of our Psdtuts+ Web Design Week.

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