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110+ Artworks From The Top 20 Digital Artists in Europe


Here at Tuts+ we regularly witness the talents of creative hobbyists and professionals from every corner of the globe. In this post, the first in a series, we want to shine light on the incredible Photoshop talent coming out of almost every continent. Today we start with Europe - next week, South America! Is your country or city represented?

Please note: This post contains some artistic nudity. This is not a ranked list. Current Psdtuts+ authors are not eligible for inclusion.


Representing: Paris, France.

"I make flyers, identities and logos, illustrations, web design, characters, graphic design, stickers, covers, toys, skateboards, deco, arts and many more! If you want more info about myself or my work don't hesitate to contact me. I'm cool and I'm interested by any connections that I can make and any exciting projects."

2. Peter Jaworowski

Representing: Warsaw, Poland.

"I am the co-owner of the Warsaw-based creative studio, Ars Thanea, where I’m also design director. Debut Art represents me worldwide and Mushroom in Spain. Offline, you can check out my work in regular print publications like /Computer Arts/, /idN/ and /Advanced Photoshop/. I also write for Reform & Revolution and Cpluv, if you happen to frequent those sites!"

3. Bechira Soren

Representing: Timisoara, Romania.

Bechira Sorin is what we would call a "veteran" in the world of graphic design. He is 30 years old and displays impeccable skills in not only Photoshop but also in multimedia techniques.

4. Sakke Soini

Representing: Helsinki, Finland.

"Right now I am working as a freelancer and balancing my time between web design, illustrations, event management/promotion, DJing and VJing."

5. David Fuhrer (aka Microbot)

Representing: Bern, Switzerland.

David Fuhrer is a self-taught digital painter with a passion for making some of the most creative and vivid art around. David is an extremely talented and creates some of his art by mixing 3D elements with painting.

6. Alberto Seveso

Representing: Rome, Italy.

Alberto's digital illustrations have a distinct style, often featuring human forms made up of multi-layered tribal patterns with a 3D look. He has used this style to illustrate athletes Michael Phelps and Kelly Slater for prominent magazines. Hey says it doesn't matter where he lives because the world has no borders.

7. Nik Ainley

Representing: Oxford, United Kingdom.

"Nik Ainley is a UK based illustrator who produces both personal and commissioned work. He rather bizarrely taught himself Photoshop in his spare time while gaining a degree in physics at Imperial College in London. He enjoyed it so much he ditched physics and moved full time into design and illustration."

8. Pete Harrison

Representing: London, United Kingdom.

If you like that soft pastel 80's look, then you will love the stuff in Pete Harrison's portfolio. He has truly conquered that design style. But his skills don't stop there. He is truly gifted in mixing images with shapes, colors, text in a original and creative manner.

9. Sam Gilbey

Representing: Bedford, United Kingdom.

"Sam Gilbey is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and art director. He has created graphics and illustrations, designed websites, and/or provided art direction for many well-known clients and brands, including Sony, Weetabix, The University of Manchester, MTV, O2, The BBC, Cadbury, Tiger Aspect Productions, Working Title and Motorola. He has worked with several respected design agencies including LBi, Preloaded, CMW Interacitve and AIS London."

10. Goro Fujita

Representing: Hamburg, Germany.

"I was born in Japan and moved with my family to Germany when I was two and a half years old. I have been fascinated by drawing ever since I was a little child. After finishing highschool I founded a company called "Quaintix" with a friend of mine and did some graphic design and programming work. Meanwhile I got interested in 3D animation and started to play around with cubes and spheres."

11. Mike Karolos

Representing: Athens, Greece.

Mike is a 24 year old design from Greece. While he enjoys a variety of music, he is really into hip hop music. I think that love for hip hop music really shows in his urban-style design. His designs and artwork have elements of popular design styles, but presented in a way that is very much his own.

12. Meni Tzima

Representing: Athens, Greece.

"Presented as a new up and coming artist to look out for by Computer Arts Projects magazine, her work has also been featured by the latest Pictoplasma Character Encyclopaedia. Her characters appeared in various locations around the world on exhibitions such as The Freaky People in St.Petersburg, Russia, The little bird project in Hannover/Germany and lately at the Unreal event at Bios, Athens."

13. Igor Šćekić

Representing: Zagreb, Croatia.

Igor Šćekić is a rare breed of graphic designer who is heavily influenced by traditional surreal artists like Salvador Dali, Rembrandt, and others. This influence translates onto his canvas into a stunning blend of traditional and new age digital art.

14. Marek Okon

Representing: Lublin, Poland.

Marek is a very talented digital painter who looks at his paintings as scenes from movies. He tries to capture the most pivotal moment that will make his art look explosive and amazing.

15. Evgeny Kiselev

Representing: St. Petersburg, Russia.

Evgeny's works are highly unique, using the basic tools of symmetry, tiling, geometry and color to create a complex and kaleidoscopic end result. He has been featured in Computer Arts magazine and has completed work for big brands like Snickers, SanDisk and Unicef.

16. Jerico Santander

Representing: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

Jerico is a master at creating surrealistic photo manipulations that are so well composed they look like a snapshot of an alternate dimension. He has done work for Desktopography and MTV and is a member of the depthCORE collective.

17. Erik Johansson

Representing: Gothenburg, Sweden.

Erik is a young designer from Sweden with an exceptional talent for photo manipulation and retouching. His skills turn everyday scenes on their heads and are often humorous and clever, depicting impossible situations with extreme realism. Erik is also a talented photographer and shoots much of his own source material.

18. Stefan Lacut

Representing: Ploiesti/Timisoara, Romania.

"Stefan Lucut is 21 years old. He is from Ploiesti/ Romania, now based in Timisoara/Romania. In 2000 he won a painting contest and 8 computers for his gymnasium school. Rita Badulescu was the first teacher that guided and supported him and his graphic design abilities. He successfully finished Architecture High School. In his third year at Art University in Timisoara, Stefan is now working as a freelancer."

19. Bram Vanhaeren

Representing: Kapelien, Belgium.

"Bram is a 18 year old designer from Belgium who works with his 20 year old brother. They are both currently in school studying design professionally. Although they are still in school, they have an impressive looking mix of work in their portfolio."

20. Aziz Melibayev

Representing: Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Aziz has a unique look to his work. It is a bit of illustration work combined with Photoshop to create a classic collage look. This style of his has landed him some big name clients, including Esquire magaizne for which he has done a number of pieces for.


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